EB-Blog-The Embroider Buddy Collection Grows with Garvin Goat and Renee Raccoon!Soft and cuddly. Warm and fuzzy. It’s always exciting to see a family grow, which is why we’re so excited to see two new members of our Embroider Buddy® arrive! If you haven’t already, meet Garvin Goat Buddy and Rene Raccoon Buddy, the latest members of our signature Clara Classic collection.

Garvin Goat Buddy is a striking piece, with strong contrasting colours, a sharp look but a nice soft smile. Rene Raccoon Buddy is a classic charmer, with a ringed tail, bandit mask and wily demeanour. These loveable critters join our toy line designed for embroidery and personalization. With easily removable stuffing pods, embroidery has never been easier. Not to mention they are washer safe, in case these animals get a little too much playtime in.

EB Rene Raccoon 3Q 1_1 (1)

Adorable creatures for you to make your own. Garvin Goat Buddy and Rene Raccoon Buddy join our wonderful and always expanding line of Embroider Buddy® toys, a great gift in a beloved collection. Enquire about orders today!