Mark Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones with Embroider Buddy®Welcoming a new baby is one of life’s most exciting events. With so much change happening in such a small period of time, things can tend to move by in a blur; it’s easy to lose sight of your little one’s achievements and milestones as they grow and develop.

Today we’re sharing some fun ideas that will help you document the special moments in a child’s early life using Embroider Buddy® products from Buddies to Bearwear.

Show Their Growth

Taking a monthly snapshot of baby beside their Embroider Buddy® “Best friend for life” is a great way to show how much they’ve changed and grown since birth.

Best Friends for Life
If your little one has a personalized Buddy (perhaps one that captures their name and birth stats in creative embroidery), a side-by-side comparison can demonstrate just how much growth has happened.

You’ll be surprised how soon baby surpasses Buddy in size!

Mark Their Month

It’s not uncommon to see friends and family share a monthly photo of their baby beside a number that marks their age in months.

Mark their monthly milestones with Embroider Buddy®

Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear pieces make great canvases for capturing baby milestones. Try imprinting on our collection of tees and hoodies to create fun designs that can easily be swapped out from month to month for your regular photo update. Imprinting numbers one to twelve is a fun way to keep track of the passing months in baby’s first year.

Share What’s New

Looking to take your embroidery skills one step further? Use our Buddy’s belly space to add details about your baby’s biggest achievements as they move through the first few years of life.

Mark Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones with Embroider Buddy®
Here are some to consider:

  • First time rolling over
  • First time sitting up unassisted
  • First time crawling
  • First time trying solid foods
  • First time sleeping through the night
  • First steps
  • First words
  • First Christmas / Easter

Try pairing these embroidered achievements with other important details like the date and place. Not only will the baby have a treasured keepsake that documents these exciting moments, he or she will also have a sizeable stuffed animal collection to snuggle!

Baby's first ChristmasWhat other ways have you used Embroider Buddy® products to help capture the special moments in life? Be sure to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.