Howie Horse Buddy is Here

Hey!!! (is for horses)

January is finally over and it’s time to check up on your new year’s resolution. Do you want to eat healthier? Read more? Give yourself a makeover? We wish you the best of luck, and hope you don’t give up…there are still 11 months to go!

One furry guy who has lived up to his new year’s resolution of “new year, new me” is our Howie Horse Buddy.  Howie has gone for a makeover and is looking great!

It's Howie Horse Buddy

Howie Horse is an adorable farm friendly Embroider Buddy®. At 16” Howie is the perfect sized pal. His chocolate brown coat is shiny and soft and he has a beautiful long mane. Change up his hair, put in a braid or add cute hair accessories! We have an adorable bow from our Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear collection that would be the perfect touch of pink!

Howie Horse Buddy has a self-contained stuffing pod in both his head and belly are easy to remove through a hidden zipper. Howie, like all of our buddies, exceeds safety regulations and is made from quality fabrics. He’s simply perfect for horse lovers at any age!

Keep checking back because we have a couple of more big changes coming to our Embroider Buddy® family! It’s a new year and we are committed to bringing you new and improved products.