Baby's First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is one that you will always remember, but the new baby is sure to forget. The best way to give the new addition a lasting holiday memory is by giving them the gift of a best friend forever. Luckily, we have just restocked our two favourite holiday Embroider Buddy® plush animals: Randy Reindeer Buddy and Sonny Snowman Buddy. These holiday favourites are ready to be uniquely embroidered for any new baby!

Randy Reindeer Buddy

You know Dasher and Dancer, and of course Rudolph with the red nose. But, there is another reindeer in town and that is our Randy Reindeer Buddy! With his own bright red nose, and a friendly smile Randy will be sure to make any new baby’s first Christmas dandy.

Randy Reindeer Embroidered

 Sonny Snowman Buddy

I think this snowman’s name says it all…while he may look a little chilly, Sonny is full of happiness. With his long carrot nose, his pleasant smile and fun top hat, Sonny can warm up any wintery day. Sonny Snowman Buddy is 16” and full of holiday love with a big white belly ready for embroidering a special message.

Sonny Snowman Embroidered

Christmas Stocking

A Christmas stocking is perfect for a new Christmas baby because it is a gift they can have forever. A classic holiday tradition will have an added twist when you give them a unique and personalized easy as 1-2-3 Christmas stocking to add to the fireplace.

Toy Safety

What makes our Embroider Buddy® holiday troupe so great for new babies? Our superior toy safety certifications. Read about them here.

Which holiday Embroider Buddy® would you like to gift to a new baby? Be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook!