Embroider Buddy Toy SafetyEmbroider Buddy® maintains the highest possible standards when it comes to toy safety regulations. Embroider Buddy® products are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards. Here are some questions we’ve been asked so we wanted to share them and Donna’s answers with you.

Toy safety question #1: What should I check for before I let my children play with a toy?

Donna: Here at Embroider Buddy®, we have developed a four-point checklist that you can use to ensure every plush product is safe for children.

  • Look for seams that are secure. No stuffing should be exposed. Loose stuffing is a hazard to children if swallowed.
  • Ensure the eyes and nose are secure. (By the way, our Embroider Buddy® eyes and noses are all embroidered.)
  • Make sure there are no loose threads or strings.
  • Toys should be washable (Embroider Buddy® skins and pods are machine washable and can both go in the washer and dryer).

Toy safety question #2: I just purchased a toy that need batteries, is there anything special I should watch out for to keep my child safe?

Donna: Toys that require batteries should have securely closed doors (requiring a screwdriver to open).

Toy safety question #3: What type of fabric should I stay away from when it comes to children’s toys?

Donna: Any toy made with fabric should be marked as anti-flammable. When it comes to toys, this is the safest type of fabric for your child. See more at: Toy Safety Standards.

Toy safety question #4: My daughter wants her Buddy Bunny to have a bow, can I use a regular clip-on bow?

Donna: No. The safest way to attach a bow to any of our Embroider products is to securely stitch them. You want to make sure there is no chance the bow (or any other accessory) can be removed by your child.When it comes to toy safety common sense goes a very long way.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about toy safety that you would like Donna to answer? Please let us know in the comments.