I’m so excited to announce we’re adding a new blankey to the Embroider Buddy® family! That’s right, Blankey Buddy Gerry Giraffe will be arriving in the warehouse soon in all of his cuddly, blankey glory. Gerry is the perfect choice for a new baby gift, or to round out a safari-themed nursery.


The ever-popular Blankey Buddy Lambton Lamb is also back in stock, and just in time with Easter coming up in a few months. Lambton is so cuddly soft and easily embroidered. Made entirely of white plush material, Lambton is a blank canvas ready for any colour of thread, like the soft baby pink on Lora’s blankey.


There are many options to personalize these baby-soft blankeys. Many embroiderers use either the heart like Uniscrubcaps or bottom band as a spot for a name, birth date, or phrase like Shanee-Thomas Designs. Some like Angel Wings Embroidery choose to embroider both! You can just as easily embroider the child’s name across the ‘chest’ of the blankey as well.

Did you know many of our Blankeys also come in a ‘wee’ size? They’re so simple to embroider and just the right size for a tiny newborn (although they often end up being lovingly toted around past the newborn phase!)

MooMoo Cow, Lambton Lamb, HipHip Froggy and Buddy Bear are all available in this perfect size for ‘wee’ hands.

Who is your favourite and how would you like to embroider an Embroider Blankey?