Morris Kotzer and posters celebrating Parkdale Creature Comforts milestones.

For those of you that may not know, Embroider Buddy® is a part of a larger company, Parkdale Novelty, also known as Creature Comforts Toys. We’re sad to announce that Morris Kotzer, founder of Parkdale Novelty and father to Donna, Embroider Buddy®’s founder, passed away last week at the age of 91.

Morris, the namesake of our very own Morris Bear, had an incredible impact on the toy industry in Toronto since he founded Parkdale in 1944. His love of fun and joyful personality were infectious, as he continued to visit his office every day until this past July. Thank you to everyone who has shared memories of Morris. MegoMuseum, an online forum of toy collectors, relived their memories of Morris and discussed how much they appreciated his impact in their community. “It was Kotzer’s determination and willingness to put up the money that created the Mego 12″ Superhero line and he is considered by us to be the father of that line.” Parkdale is commonly known as the Canadian distributor of Mego Toys since the 1960s, featuring an array of superhero action figures. The company expanded its plush toy division starting in the 1980s. Donna is proud to follow in her father’s footsteps with the Embroider Buddy® brand.

Morris will be greatly missed by his family and everyone at Parkdale Novelty, Embroider Buddy®, and in the broader toy community.