Meet Donna

Embroider Buddy® creator Donna Kotzer Jacobs was born into the toy business

I love the embroidery world. It’s an amazing world of creativity. I bring my love of toys to that world.

“My father Morris Kotzer started Parkdale Novelty toy company with his brother Sam in 1944. He was always working, so to spend time with my Dad you had to be with him at work. It was an adventure to go into Dad’s truck when he made deliveries around the city and the fun trips to Niagara Falls. I loved when he brought home samples of toys or novelties being developed to go to market. I was a popular kid with my vast array of toys. The Kotzer house was a fun place to be!”

Growing up in this house of fun with her two younger brothers, Donna was also inspired by her mother Clara a homemaker turned interior designer, whom Donna calls “the most creative person I’ve ever known.” 

“She could sew, knit, embroider, cook incredible meals and bake as if she had trained in France. She was a person who noticed every little detail and every little detail was important. My friends would always ask her questions about fashion, make-up – anything that had to do with style.”

After graduating with an Honours B.A. in English from the University of Toronto, Donna earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She learned the art of research – a vital skill for later years, especially when inventing Embroider Buddy®

About 30 years ago she joined the family toy business (now known as Parkdale Creature Comforts). It was a place where she can put all her passions and talents to work.

“I enjoy designing plush,” she says. “I enjoy attending trade shows, interacting with people. I love the embroidery world. It’s an amazing world of creativity. I bring my love of toys to that world.”

When not working, Donna enjoys creative writing, Pilates and sharing her love of toys with her grandchildren.  

Embroider Buddy® – the easiest to embroider, whimsical stuffed animal with the human touch.

We're the inventors of the world's first embroidable stuffed animal with the removable stuffing pillow.

Embroider Buddy® Toy Safety

Embroider Buddy® products are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, Australian and European safety standards.

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