Embroider Buddy® Frequently Asked Questions

Are Embroider Buddies® machine-washable?

Yes! Embroider Buddy® skins and pods are machine-washable. We recommend using the gentle cycle and a mild detergent.

Is Embroider Buddy® child-safe?

Yes! All Embroider Buddy® plush toys comply with North American and European CE safety standards. For more on this see Toy Safety.

What size hoop do you need to embroider the 14″ Embroider Buddy®? Or the 16″ Embroider Buddy®?

Both the 14″ and 16″ Embroider Buddies® can be embroidered using a 150 cm (6″) round commercial hoop, or a 4″ x 4″ home embroidery hoop.

Is there loose stuffing in the Embroider Buddy®?

No. The stuffing is contained inside a lightweight fabric pod. Each Embroider Buddy® has two fabric pods – one in the head and one in the belly. When the pods are removed, the Embroider Buddy® lies flat for hooping and embroidery on home and commercial embroidery machines.

Do you have embroidery designs available?

Yes. We have background designs that act as a frame for your embroidery. We also have small designs called “charms” that can be used to accent your own personalized designs.

Can you embroider other parts of the Embroider Buddy® besides the belly?

Yes. There is lots of hoop-able room on the back and bottom of each Embroider Buddy®. These are great locations to add a date, a nickname or other special embroidered message. Some embroiderers even remove the footpads to embroider them and then sew them back on.

Embroider Buddies® make perfect baby gifts. How else can I market them?

Bridal shower, wedding or get well gifts. Business logo advertising. Special event souvenirs, birthday greetings, retirement gifts. The list is endless!

Can I get a custom-designed Embroider Buddy®?

Yes! We can design any animal or character to fit your needs. Contact us directly for details.

Who invented Embroider Buddy®?

Donna Kotzer Jacobs is the creator behind Embroider Buddy®’s innovative design. Using feedback from the embroidering community, she designed the zip-out removable stuffing pods that make Embroider Buddy® the world’s first and best plush toy for embroidering. For more about Embroider Buddy® see Our Story.

What is used to stuff an Embroider Buddy®?

The Embroider Buddy® contains two separate pods, one for the head and a belly pod. These pods are secure and there is no access to the inside stuffing.

Can I buy an Embroider Buddy® “skin” and stuff it myself?

At Embroider Buddy® we take every precaution to ensure our Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals meet stringent toy safety regulations. For this reason, we don’t sell skins and pods separately. A toddler or young child can easily unzip the skin and get inside. Loose stuffing in the hands of a toddler is a safety hazard and not compliant with toy safety regulations. Embroider Buddy® guarantees there is no loose stuffing inside the skin. However it is prudent if purchasing other animals on the market to make sure there is no loose stuffing and they are safety compliant.

Can I become an Embroider Buddy® retail partner?

In order to become a retail partner you have to be an established business and complete our Retail Application Form..

For other customer service inquiries, please contact us directly.

Embroider Buddy® – the easiest to embroider, whimsical stuffed animal with the human touch.

We're the inventors of the world's first embroidable stuffed animal with the removable stuffing pillow.

Embroider Buddy® Toy Safety

Embroider Buddy® products are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian, Australian and European safety standards.

toy safety

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