In 2004, US Congress designated December 13th as National Day of the Horse, and it has been celebrated each year since, especially here at Embroider Buddy. The day was established to recognize the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States but we think that everyone, all over the world, should celebrate.

Some interesting facts about horses from

1. Before cars were invented horses were one of the main modes of transportation.

2. Horses were domesticated for riding approximately 6000 years ago.

3. Horses are very smart, some have even been taught to spell and count.

4. Horses are herbivores, eating grasses, hay and grain/

5. With their large eyes, long legs and beautiful markings, horses have a special place in our hearts.

Neigh neigh! Howie Horse Buddy is on his way!

Our Howie Horse Buddy is so happy it's National Day of the Horse and sends best wishes to all his horse friends. 

If you love horses, Howie is the perfect pal. He is a chocolate brown horse with white markings. Images of real horses inspired the design of this cuddly friend, from his dark hooves to the diamond marking on his forehead. We even made sure his ears stuck up just right.

He has a fabulous brown mane and fun swishy tail, with a cuddly soft white tummy and snout.

Howie would look so handsome in a festive ribbon for the holidays, or pastels as a baby gift. Add a bandana and he’s the cutest cowboy you’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see your creative touches!

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