It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are many celebrations this time of year including Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa and Christmas. Many of us are counting down the days until we get the chance to exchange gifts and honour the ones we love. If you are still on the lookout for unique gifts, we would be delighted to help you out!

For the little ones

One of the buddies from our Embroider Buddy®️ Blankey Hugger Collection is the perfect gift. We have a cute cream teddy bearfloppy-eared bunnylovely little lamb and fantastical pink unicorn

We also recently added a sweet elephanthandsome moose and black bear

It wouldn’t be an Embroider Buddy® gift if it wasn’t perfect for embroidery.  Blankey Hugger’s blankets were made with personalization in mind. 

The Blankey Hugger collection comes with a 30 x 40” blanket, coupled with its own full plush toy, designed to wrap their arms around the blankey, keeping them stored and safe.

For bigger kids

Have they been asking for a dog this year? Did you know that puppies and dogs make us happier and healthier? It’s a scientific fact! Their presence is therapeutic and can help reduce stress levels and blood pressure. Our  Classic Toffee Doggy is almost as good as a real one. He's a  sweet 16″ doggy with an exquisitely soft coat, droopy ears, a lovely low pile, embroiderable belly and a cute little snout. He’s available in ToffeePink and Blue, so there's a puppy for everyone.

For dad

Mason Buddy Moose

If your dad would appreciate something big, soft and cuddly in their life our Mason Moose Buddy is perfect. Mason Moose is available in 16” size. Like many of our products, these are designed with personalization in mind. The removable stuffing pods open up a wide world of customization to send your father a special, unique message. So start thinking of what you might like to say!

For mom

Violette Unicorn Buddy

If your mom is as magical as mine was then Violette Unicorn Buddy is a unique gift. Her soft violet colour is combined with a cream white belly and spiraling horn. Her purple mane and tail are always perfectly groomed. Pair her with a message like: “Mom's are magical” and you'll spread a little extra joy this holiday.

For someone extra special

Bobby Angel Buddy

If you want to send an extra special holiday message, Bobby Angel Buddy, one of our most popular buddies, is the perfect choice. At 16”, with soft white fur and wings on its back, your special someone will be over the moon. 

Like all of the Embroider Buddy® toys, Bobby Angel Buddy features an easy to remove stuffing pod that makes it perfect for embroidery and personalization.

We wish you the best in your holiday celebrations and hope that you feel the warmth of love around you. 

Don't forget to share your finished projects with us on Facebook and Instagram — we’re always looking for new inspiration (and if we love your creation, we might even send you a new Buddy).