Faux Fur Friday is a day to show love to your special fuzzy friends. It's really about coats but we are taking another opportunity to spread the Embroider Buddy love.

We love faux fur animals  (that's another way to say plush, right?) and understand the importance of a fluffy, huggable ‘best friend for life’. We have so many varieties of dogscatsbears, and many more animals (even special squishy ones) that are easily customizable so that you can create exactly the friend that you want. 

And they are so soft… you always want to give them a big hug. 

Did you know that hugging is scientifically proven to make you happier? It strengthens your immune system and helps release fears, so hug away and check out 10 more of these cool facts here.

Our entire Embroider Buddy line is designed with embroidery in mind, making them easy and versatile canvases for your craft. Their faux fur coats are soft and huggable and most have a flat pile belly that is perfect for embroidery. Self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom making hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine.

Don't forget to share your finished projects with us on Facebook and Instagram — we’re always looking for new inspiration (and if we love your creation, we might even send you a new Buddy).