At Embroider Buddy® we think that every day should be Plush Animal Lover’s Day (it really is, look it up!!!) We love plush animals and understand the importance of a ‘best friend for life’. We have some great new plush animals to share with you this year!

Our brand new, amazing Squishy Duck Buddy looks just like the rubber duck you played with in the bath as a child, but it's big, soft, squishy and perfect for embroidery. 

Squishy Duck Buddy

Squishy Octopus Buddy comes in bright pink and electric blue and features our signature removable stuffing pod for easy embroidery. His low pile fabric makes stitch work easy, not to mention opens the door to more topping materials. His huge head allows easier hooping as well, so squeezable and huggable.

Soft, loyal and sweet, Toffee Doggy Buddy (available in brown, blue and pink) is the latest to join the Clara Classics Collection.  He is 16” and has a nice big belly perfect for bright embroidery designs.

Our Elephant Ear Buddy is an extra special buddy with embroiderable ears. His ears have lots of room for special messages and the soft, low-pile plush fabric is so easy to embroider. This adorable elephant is floppy and soft, 14″ seated, has deep thoughtful eyes and adorable tusks! 

Or just head over to our store and search through all of our collections!  We're sure you'll find the perfect buddy to celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with!

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