Are you fascinated by octopuses? They are so intriguing with their big-eyes, eight arms, soft bodies, and are so intelligent that they can match wits with humans.

This fascination inspired us to develop our new Squishy Octopus Buddy. Soft and huggable (8 arms!!!) with a huge squishy head that has to be squeezed to be believed!

Squishy Octopus Buddy comes in bright pink and electric blue and features our signature removable stuffing pod for easy embroidery. His low pile fabric makes stitch work easy, not to mention opens the door to more topping materials. His huge head allows easier hooping as well, so squeezable and huggable.

Give your next embroidery project a bit more bounce with any of our amazing Squishy Buddy plush toys! At Embroider Buddy, we strive to make top-notch gifts and toys for crafters and embroidery enthusiasts. 

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