It’s hard to believe that back-to-school is right around the corner. While getting our kids ready for school routines, buying supplies and filling their backpacks, we can't forget to pack a friendly, comforting pal to keep them company. Think of how surprised and happy they will be. Here are some of the Buddies who are most excited for back-to-school and will quickly become a school bestie!

The New Kid

There’s no better send-off in the morning than having your favourite pup walk you to the school bus. Toffee Doggy Buddy is new to Embroider Buddy and knows all about being the new kid. He's a great listener, soft and loyal.

Toffee Doggy Buddy (available in brown, blue and pink) is the latest to join the Clara Classics Collection.  He is 16” and has a nice big belly perfect for bright embroidery designs. If you plan to send Toffee Doggy to school, consider personalizing him with a fun quote like “Live. Laugh. Bark.”

An Elephant Never Forgets

If back-to-school is a bit scary and you need a friend to tell your secrets to, you can't go wrong with Elephant Ear Buddy.  Wise and majestic, elephants are one of the most popular and fascinating animals around, and they make very good best friends. When you tell them your secrets, they never forget, their awesome trunks have amazing skills, and their tusks are used to help gather food or win a fight. 

Elephant Ear Buddy is an extra special buddy with embroiderable ears. His ears have lots of room for special messages and the soft, low-pile plush fabric is so easy to embroider. This adorable elephant is floppy and soft, 14″ seated, has deep thoughtful eyes and adorable tusks! 

The Buddy Who Makes School a Hoot

Oberon, a wise old owl, is the perfect companion when you are studying. He is loved for his kind face and is always a hoot! His soft round belly is perfect for customization and looks great with monogram designs for safekeeping at school.

Clara Classic Collection Oberon Owl

Available in a 16” Clara Classic Buddy, Oberon can fit at any study desk and help get the job done!

For the Good Sport

A good sport needs a special gift for back-to-school! No matter what sport you are looking for, we have you covered. 

All time favourites Football Buddy and Baseball Buddy can be embroidered with famous quotes, numbers or logos. If end zones or outfielders don't interest you, we also have Basketball Buddy and Hockey Puck Buddy, or you'll be sure to get a kick out of our popular Soccer Ball Buddy!

Whether it’s for the love of the game or the love for someone who loves the game, there’s no better gift for a sports nut than our embroiderable Sports Ball Collection!

Like all of our Embroider Buddy lines, the Sports Ball Collection was designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With an easy-to-use zipper and removable stuffing pods, these items are ideal to customize for the personal touch. 

Heading back to school can be overwhelming and intimidating until everyone is settled. Children struggle to leave mom and dad after the summer, even when they know that they’ll see them in a few hours. Send your little one to school with a personalized friend made just for them – making them feel at home!