Did you know that puppies and dogs make us happier and healthier? Yup, it’s a scientific fact! Their presence is therapeutic and can help reduce stress levels and blood pressure. They keep us active, can help detect health issues and, of course, offer us unconditional love. Since we love dogs so much we’re introducing a new addition to the Clara Classic Collection, The Classic Toffee Doggy Collection.

Welcome to The Classic Toffee Doggy Collection

Toffee Doggy is a sweet 16″  doggy with an exquisitely soft coat, droopy ears, a lovely low pile, embroiderable belly and a cute little snout.

He’s available in Toffee, Pink and Blue, so there's a puppy for everyone.

Self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom of the dog making hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine.

Toffee is a member of the popular Clara Classic Collection, an extra special collection of buddies inspired by Donna’s mother Clara. All of these buddies are just so soft and cuddly, with a little something extra.

Dalton Buddy Dog would be a great friend to Toffee.  He’s just delightful, with his soft coat, bushy eyebrows, long ears and cute smile.

Dalton Buddy Dogs

These pups and the rest of the Clara Classic Collection® are the most beautiful embroiderable stuffed animals available. Each easily customizable buddy in the collection makes the perfect gift for someone special. When you go the extra mile, and create something unique for someone, it truly shows how much you care and appreciate them. I hope you enjoy The Classic Toffee Doggy Collection as much as we do.