Bobby Buddy Bear is one of the most popular Embroider Buddies. Bobby Buddy Bear Brown, is the leader of the pack, and we are so excited that he is back from hibernation.

Embroider Buddy® - Bobby Buddy Bear

Once spring arrives, bears emerge from their dens with a big appetite, on the hunt for fish, berries, insects and nuts. Then they are ready to take on the world.

If you think Bobby Bear’s kind brown eyes and sweet smile are hard to resist, just wait until you get a feel of his soft, cozy fur!  With a plush and cuddly tummy, there’s lots of space to personalize Bobby for that special someone!

Bears are smart, shy and can be excellent hiders and climbers. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes – just like Bobby Buddy Bear!

Available in brown, black, pink, white, blue and even white with angel wings, there's a Bobby bear for everyone.

The removable stuffing pod makes embroidery a breeze – just unzip and remove the pod to add your own creative touch. When finished, add the stuffing back in and close Bobby’s zipper to admire your work!

Is there someone “beary” special in your life who you think Bobby would be perfect for? Most Bobby Bear colours are available now.

Like all our other Buddies, we can’t wait to see the personal touches you add to make this Embroider Buddy® your own. Follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram to see what creative enhancements people add to Bobby Bear.