Cheerleading is big news these days with millions of people participating. Kids start tumbling as young as 5 years old and can continue through high school, college and some even go pro. 

You can see cheerleading at your favourite sports events, on TV in competitions and reality shows, and in the movies. 

This fabulous sport with fancy costumes, jumping, flipping, dancing and tumbling is great entertainment and a rewarding sport for many.  What would be more fun than coming off stage, off the field or out of the gym to a stuffed toy that matches your outfit. These cheerleader uniforms are the perfect way to show some team spirit and support your favourite team!

Our customers have asked for more color variety and Embroider Buddy® has answered. 

Now Available in Six New Colours

This season, we’ve added six new colours to our collection of cheerleader uniforms. The new cheer colours are:

These cheerleader uniforms are great for embroidery, HTV and Sublimation and fit perfectly on any 18” doll and most of our 11”-15” inch plush bears.

Are there any other colours you would like to see Embroider Buddy® offer in the future? If there is a colour you are hoping to see, please let us know in the comments.