Graphic featuring Embroider Buddy Christmas Stockings

We know it feels early. Halloween was three days ago. We can't believe we are already hearing Christmas carols either. But to be honest, if you're going to order supplies for Christmas, embroider them and get them to your customers, you're already a bit behind.

Your customers can’t load up on stocking stuffers without stockings, and we are ready for you. We offer many styles and colors of stockings, from the traditional velvet red with fur trim, to sleeker designs and lighter teal hues and everything is in stock.

Christmas Stockings Embroider Buddy

What would an Embroider Buddy®  item be without embroidery? Our stockings are created with embroidery in mind. A zipper down the back allows for the stockings to butterfly open, making for easy and convenient embroidery. Watch for a how-to video coming soon!

Embroider Buddy® – Easy As 1-2-3! Christmas Stocking

Once you have the stocking, feel free to let Santa know about all the wonderful Embroider Buddy®  toys you might want! We have plenty of festive Buddies, new Santa, Reindeer and Snowman Squishy Buddies are on the way. We have lots of Buddies and Blankies in stock for gift giving.

Family celebrating Christmas