At Embroider Buddy® we think that every day should be National Plush Animal Lover’s Day (it really is, look it up!!!) We love plush animals and understand the importance of a ‘best friend for life’. Not only do we have many varieties such as Benjamin Buddy BearMason Buddy Moose, and Claire Buddy Cat and returning favourites Howie Horse Buddy, Bobby Buddy Bear, Peyton Panda Buddy and Tory Tiger Buddy but they are easily customizable so that you can create exactly what you want. 

Cute child holding Moose Squishy Buddy

Why did we love plush animals so much that we created Embroider Buddy? Here are our top five reasons:

1. Best Friends for Life

Plush animals (or stuffies) become your best friends for life. Children often receive their first teddy bear at a young age and they become a constant companion. As an adult they become a special memory.

2. Super Huggable

So soft, who wouldn’t want to give them a big hug? Did you know that hugging is scientifically proven to make you happier? It strengthens your immune system and helps release fears, so hug away and check out 10 more of these cool facts here.

3. Good Listeners

After a long day, sometimes all you need is someone to talk to who will just listen. A stuffed animal will be there to let you talk it out, whether you are eight and had a bad day at school, or 40 and work has got you down.

4. Easy to Bring Anywhere (just about)

Stuck in a car ride with your siblings? Long flight? Waiting for your mom to finish her Zoom call? Your stuffed animal is always there to keep you company.

5. Unique to You

Plush animals are always wonderful. But, at Embroider Buddy® we have found a way to make your stuffed animals even better by making them customizable, so that they are just for you.

Donna Kotzer Jacobs in the Embroider Buddy warehouse with a bunch of Buddies.

Our entire Embroider Buddy line is designed with embroidery in mind, making them easy and versatile canvases for your craft. With our signature removable stuffing pods, these plush toys make embroidery and cleaning a breeze, perfect for a variety of embroidery and personalization projects.