6 Embroider Buddies with illustrated streamers and the caption Guess who's back?

It’s another great day at Embroider Buddy® — we’re celebrating the return of some of our most-loved Buddies!

We hope some of your favourites are on the list!

Gerry Giraffe

Gerry Giraffe Buddy

Item # 91096 

Gerry Giraffe with his lovely spotted coat and soft beige belly that is wonderfully fun to embroider for gifts celebrating any occasion.

Okie Owl

Embroider Buddy® – Okie Owl Buddy

Item # 31090

Okie's a hoot with his big brown eyes, rich brown coat and orange accents. What a fantastic Buddy to embroider for back to school!

Lambton Lamb Buddy

Lambton Lamb Buddy

Item # 71090 – 16″

Who doesn't love a little lamb? Perfect to embroider in any colour, Lambton Lamb Buddy is sure to make your loved ones smile.

Bobby Buddy Bear – Black  

Bobby Buddy Bear - Black

Item # 11094

This bear's a little extra with his curly black fur and friendly eyes. If he smiles the right way, we'd let him have our picnic basket.

Buster Bulldog Buddy  

embroider buddy® – Buster Bulldog Buddy

Item # 41090

Cute jowls and a furrowed brow make Buster stand out from a crowd! Part brown, part white, and one hundred percent adorable!

Kory Koala Buddy

Embroider Buddy® – Kory Koala Buddy

Item # 81091

Kory Koala has a warm fluffy nose, big fuzzy feet and a nice wide tummy that is perfect to embroider, and with Embroider Buddy you don’t need to travel down under to find him.

Tell us: did we miss something?  What Buddies are you most excited to see back in stock? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.