Luc llama stuffed Embroider Buddy stuffed animal sitting in tall grass with the caption "You asked and we answered...Welcome Luc Llama Buddy. He's Brand New!"

One of our most requested animals is joining the Embroider Buddy family! A fabulous addition to the popular Clara Classic Collection is Luc Llama

Luc is quite a handsome fellow, with soft curly fur, a cute tuft on top of his head, and an appealing smile, we think he's irresistible. He's a little bit shy but friendly when he gets to know you, very intelligent and did we mention, oh, so soft.

Llamas make a perfect pet and companion. They have a mellow temperament, are very empathetic and sociable.  

Did you know that the llama is categorized by scientists as “charismatic megafaunas” which means that they are one of the few species that humans can safely hug.

Young girl hugging a white llama in winter,

If you don’t have the room for a live llama, at 16″ the new Classic Buddy Luc Llama is the perfect size!