Big Ear Bunnies are Back!

Maybe there are still patches of snow and ice from your doorstep, but there’s no doubt those stubborn bits of frost won’t be hanging around too much longer. Spring is sneaking up around the corner, bringing bloom, warmth and best of all, marvellous little critters. This is just as true at Embroider Buddy! One of our most popular items has returned to stock, a great opportunity to be reacquainted with these magnificent pieces or to finally get your hands on them for the first time!

What sings spring better than a cuddly bunny rabbit? Some of our precious Big Ear Bunnies have finally returned! The Beige Big Ear Bunny and Lilac Big Ear Bunny are be ready to hop into your homestead! They join the readily available Pink Big Ear Bunny. These 15” plush toys are soft to the touch, come dressed in a fancy ribbon.

The Big Ear Bunnies feature long floppy ears, ideal for embroidering names and sweet sentimental well-wishes. Immortalize this year’s rejuvenating spring season with refreshing charms of nature returning to form or get ahead of the Easter season with charms of colorfully painted eggs. Embroider Buddy is all about gifts and toys perfectly tailored for embroidery and personalization. Each of our items are a canvas to stitch your next tapestry upon. The Big Ear Bunnies offer a unique opportunity to embroider their long, delightful ears!

Embroidered Big Ear Bunny

We’re overjoyed to be restocking some of your favorite items for order. And they will hardly be the last! We’ve been hearing all of your inquiries about out of stock items and are happy to report that many will also be restocked in the near future! Make sure to keep up to date with our blog or contact us directly to learn more about our product lines, such as the main Embroider Buddy series and other seasonally specific gift lines.