We are excited to announce the return of the Embroider Buddy®️ Blankey Hugger Collection.

Back in stock are the cute cream teddy bear, floppy-eared bunny, lovely little lamb and fantastical pink unicorn

Anything new? Yes we are adding a sweet elephant, handsome moose and black bear

It wouldn’t be an Embroider Buddy® gift if it wasn’t perfect for embroidery.  Blankey Hugger’s blankets were made with personalization in mind. 

The Blankey Hugger collection comes with a 30 x 40” blanket, coupled with its own full plush toy, designed to wrap their arms around the blankey, keeping them stored and safe.

While the plush toys do not have the removable pod from the traditional Embroider Buddy, the Blankeys are still designed for easy embroidery. What a perfect moment it will be when your special someone unfurls the Blankey from plushies arms to reveal a surprising and special message.

The huggers are available to order now!