Image depicting bobby buddy bear and angel buddy bear

The frost is thawing and the green is returning. With spring sneaking up around the corner we’ll be expecting warmth, bloom and many lovely signs of nature returning in full swing. As for the animal kingdom, many furry friends will be awakening from their long, seasonal slumber. It’s only appropriate that at Embroider Buddy we’d get to reunite with some of our favorite fuzzy friends! Restocks of some of our most popular items are inbound, a great opportunity to give some of these great toys a bear hug of your own.

We’re waking up some of our most popular Bobby Bear Buddy styles! Our Brown Bobby Buddy Bear and the heavenly Bobby Angel Buddy are finally coming back in stock! They’ll join their friends Pink Bobby Buddy Bear, Blue Bobby Buddy Bear and White Bobby Buddy Bear, who are readily available for order. 

These 16” plush toys, like all of our main line Embroider Buddy gifts, are designed with embroidery in mind and heart. Our signature removable stuffing pods make embroidery and personalization easier than listening to the spring birds sing. Personalize them with charms celebrating the return of sunshine and grassy fields. Brown Bobby Buddy Bear would love smashing with a well wishing or pic-a-nic basket charm. Meanwhile our Bobby Angel Buddy, a unique item in white fur and angelic wings, could make for a most fantastic Easter gift. Add these bears to your own family and make them your own!

We’re delighted to be restocking some of your favorite items for order. And they won’t be the last! We’ve been hearing your inquiries about sold out items and are happy to say that many will also be restocked in the near future! Make sure to check our blog or contact us directly to learn more about our product lines.