The Lunar New Year is here and it is ready to roar! 2022 is the year of the tiger. This brave animal symbolises boldness, bravery and a great resilience to overcome challenges and adversary. It is a strength that all of us can glean from our feline friends over the coming year. But that’s not all the joys that these furry friends can give to us. At Embroider Buddy we know the importance of celebrating all sizes of pussycat, from the mighty tigers to the most precarious of kittens.

To start, check out Tory Tiger Buddy. Tory is 16” of plush toy fun! You’ll want to pounce on this amazing striped friend, an absolutely purrrfect gift to celebrate the Lunar New Year. If you’ve got big love for big cats the Embroider Buddy has them by the litter. Along with Tory Tiger Buddy is LeRoy Leopard Buddy, a smiling and spotted friend that’s all about snuggles. And who can forget the wild Rory Lion Buddy, king of the jungle or your hobby room!

The Embroider Buddy family has some new cool cats in the family. As part of our recent Squishy Buddy line, you’ll want to get your paws on the Cat Squishy Buddy! Available in a 16” Junior and 22” Jumbo size, this toy is marshmallowy soft, huggable and simply adorable. 

All of our Embroider Buddy toys are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With our signature removable stuffing pod and washer-safe materials, embroidering these gifts is easier than ever. You can embroider these cats with special messages, well wishes and charms to mark the Year of the Tiger! Create a gift to remember a year of strength and determination, overcoming problems and rising to the best version of yourself.

All of us at Embroider Buddy hope you have a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger!