Blog post EBWelcome to Loose Threads! A series from Embroider Buddy that seeks to educate and illuminate the best ways to embroider and personalize your objects!

Embroidery is not only an amazing hobby but a fulfilling journey. Each adventure requires good and cautious steps to make sure you don’t stumble. Even the most seasoned embroiderers may be too swift to overlook details or rush a project. Here’s a quick rundown of good habits to abide by when machine embroidering!

1) Focus on One Project at a Time

Embroidery can be a game of patience and it’s key to not run short on that patience. If inspiration strikes you for a new project, jot notes down but do not attempt to juggle a new embroidery halfway through a current one. If your current project isn’t keeping you as motivated as you hoped, it may be worthwhile to set it aside completely. As enticing as the next project can be, restocking your machine between different threads and patterns is an easy way to lose track of things, a recipe for avoidable mistakes. 

Stay focused meme

2) Measure Twice, Stitch Once

Always double check that you have enough materials to see a project through, especially thread. If you believe you are running low on a particular thread, consider stocking up ahead of time or finding a substitution. As you may very well know, the differences between threads, even from the same brand, are finite but noticeable in a finished project. Consistency is key, so ensure you have enough before setting out.

3) Test New Materials and Even New Patterns

Are you working with an ambitious new pattern, or a material you aren’t quite as familiar with? It’s best practice to test these things out before discovering quirks later down the line. Even if it will ultimately look different, try new patterns out on a scrap piece of fabric ahead of committing it to the canvas you were eyeing. Especially when these patterns ask you of new techniques, like sharp corners or finer details. And when possible, the same goes for unfamiliar materials, for whose everything from sheen, to stretch to cleaning practices can create unexpected hurdles in the embroidery process. 

4) Clean Your Materials

Whether it’s an inspiring hand-me-down item or purchased from the store, it’s key to clean all your materials before embroidering them. This should not only make the embroidery process smoother by removing grit or abnormalities that could hinder the process, but it should also wash out any excess dyes that could seep into the thread at a later date.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Loose Threads! We’ll be reviewing more handy tips, bad habits to kick, machine repair advice and much more in the future. And don’t forget to check out the Embroider Buddy store page for wonderful gifts, toys and inspiration for your next embroidery!