Hello and season’s greetings to all of our fans, customers, crafters and embroiderers alike. We at Embroider Buddy hope your holidays are moving along safely, soundly and happily as we wrap up a rollercoaster of a year. Not unlike a workshop way up north, we’ve been busily shipping out our various Embroider Buddy gifts and toys to help you liven up the season. If you have personalized and embroidered one of our items for the season we would love to see pictures of your creations! 

It has been an exciting year here at Embroider Buddy. We’ve been happy to interview our thoughtful ambassadors and sharing our tips to ensure top notch embroideries on your end. Throughout difficulties with the supply chain, we have been sending out countless wonderful plush toys, expanding our product line and restocking your favourites. Our partnership with our sibling brand, Messy Moose Socks, has been marvellous as they continue to grow tall with new socks and fanny packs. We added to our beloved Blankey Buddy line with the much requested Sloth Blankey Buddy and Unicorn Blankey Buddy. We improved our Sports Balls for all the big game fans out there.

Blankeys_ Embroider Buddy

Most excitingly we’ve added an all-new product line to our offerings: The beautiful, bountiful and bouncy-full Squishy Buddy Collection! These roly poly, tumbly and marshmallow soft plush toys bring the ease of embroidery from our signature Embroider Buddy toy line to the spongiest, most huggable toys you’ve ever gotten your arms around. This new line features fave animals like the Puppy Dog Squishy Buddy, Cat Squishy Buddy, Unicorn Squishy Buddy, Hippo Squishy Buddy and Moose Squishy Buddy all available in two sizes!  

Squishy Buddy

However these holidays find you, we hope you find some rest, share the love and feel ready to face a new year with all the energy and optimism to make it one for the books. From all of us at Embroider Buddy, we wish you a wonderfully Happy New Year 2022!