Squishy Collection Embroider BuddyThe Embroider Buddy product line is about to get rounder and squishier than ever! Over the years we’ve added many new wild and zany animals to our collection, but you’ve never seen, bouncy beasts like these! Introducing the Squishy Buddy Collection! These bumbly, tumbly, soft and huggable bundles of fun are unlike anything else in the Embroider Buddy collection and have to be squeezed to be believed!

Available in two sizes, the 16” Junior and the 22” Jumbo, these new Squishy Buddys feature our signature removable stuffing pods for easy embroidery. Their low pile fabric can make for easier stitch work not to mention opens the door to more topping materials. Their larger tummies make for easier hooping as well, all this with the added benefit of an even more squeezable and huggable body. 

The debut line of Squishy Buddies features five amazing animals. There’s the rotund and rambunctious Hippo Squishy Buddy. The perfectly pink Cat Squishy Buddy. The cute and curious Puppy Dog Squishy Buddy. The delightfully goofy Moose Squishy Buddy. And make sure to keep your imagination wild for the majestic and fantastical Unicorn Squishy Buddy.

Moose Squishy Buddy

Give your next embroidery project a bit more bounce with these amazing Squishy Buddy plush toys! We at Embroider Buddy strive to make the most top-notch gifts and toys for crafters and embroidery enthusiasts. Our main line of Embroider Buddy toys span dozens and dozens of delightful designs and animals, on top of our lines of blankets, gift sets and holiday specialty items such as stockings. 

We are extremely excited to continue growing the Embroider Buddy line of gifts and toys with the all-new set of Squishy Buddies, bouncy and flexible, opening up a new dynamic for your next embroidery masterpiece. These new toys are now available at www.embroiderbuddy.com. If you would like to feel the phenomenal sensation of squeezing a Squishy Buddy, make sure to reach out and start placing orders soon!