Embroider Buddy ContestHello friends and fans of Embroider Buddy! The 2021 holiday season is rapidly approaching. Before you know it, it will be time to celebrate with good company, good spirits and great gifts!

To mark the windup to the occasion, we at Embroider Buddy have decided to hold a very special contest for all of you. Starting on Thursday, October 14th to November 12th , we will be fielding entries to our first Embroider Buddy Holiday Contest! All you need to do to enter is take a photo of how you’ve embroidered and personalized any of your Embroider Buddy holiday items! From our splendid Stockings to our Bobby Angel Buddy, Elf Buddy, Sonny Snowman Buddy or Randy Reindeer Buddy

You can submit your entries by either posting it to our Facebook page or using the hashtag #ChristmasStockingBuddy on Instagram. The contest will be open to residents of Canada and U.S.

Holiday Collection Embroider Buddy

We will announce the four winners on Monday, November 15th, who will all receive a special surprise holiday bundle of Embroider Buddy goodies! If you do not have any of our holiday Embroider Buddy items, there’s still time to order and enter the contest.

As always we want to see how you’ve been expressing your creativity through Embroider Buddy! All of our products are explicitly designed to make your embroidery and personalization easier than ever! From our stockings, which feature discrete zippers for access to both sides of the material, to our signature Embroider Buddy line of plush toys, which have removable stuffing pods. We make embroidery easier than sipping on some tasty hot cocoa!

If you have any questions about our stocking contest or line of holiday items, please feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to see your lovely entries. Good luck!