Five Photography Tips to Help Your Embroidery Brand_blog_postIt shouldn’t surprise you to hear that photography and lively social media feeds are a big motivator for customers to engage with an embroidery page. What may surprise you is by just how much. Some studies estimate that up to three quarters of all customers rely on visual aids when it comes to shopping decisions. Your embroidery and products are great, and they deserve great promotion to do them justice. Keeping your feed fresh and inspiring is a sure-fire way to maintain a healthy audience. Thankfully doing so doesn’t require huge investments in time or money. 

Here are five quick tips on upping your photography game for your embroidery projects:

Basic Gear

Whether you’re using a high-grade DSLR or your smartphone, you’ll need a couple of items to ensure clean, quality and consistent photography work. Thankfully none of them are particularly hard to come by, some may already be available in your home!

First, the obvious ones to round up: A camera (whichever works best for you), a tripod that fits that camera and a sturdy table. Next is where you get creative. Lighting will make the biggest difference between a professional product photo and a casual photo that happens to have a product in them. 


There are many lighting options these days, ring lights go pretty cheap, but for a softer light it’s ideal to set your station up near the biggest window you got. From there you’ll need to balance your lighting to best suit your embroidery pieces. For that you can either buy white bounce cards to stand up near your products, or try to jerry rig pieces of foam board or even sheets of paper. You’ll also need a neutral background, which can be as simple as a sheet of white poster board, though be careful not to get any smudges, creases or marks on it.

Keep your Feed Interesting

Be conscious of the variety of photos and media you are giving to your audience. Neutral product shots on the white background are a good standard to start from, but consider expanding out from there to keep fans coming back for more. There are many creative ways to buffer out your feed without overexerting yourself.

Closer Look at Texture

For one: consider giving your audience a close look at your handiwork. If you are bringing your charms and embroidery to life with a quality stitch, zoom in to give fans an image they can almost touch. Taking advantage of proper lighting can also make these photos feel dynamic instead of a shot you took when your finger slipped.

Lifestyle Shots

You’ve zoomed in, now it’s time to zoom on out. We’re talking about the whole wide world! If you have access to some nice green space or a well lit living space, such as a couch or bed spread, it may help show some of the places that best display your embroidery work.

We hope you’ll be able to use these tips for your enterprise. We at Embroider Buddy love the craft, designing great gifts and toys with embroidery and personalization in mind.