Make Your Embroiderers With Fall Colors It’s the time of year when all the leaves begin to change their colors. It might not be such a bad idea to follow suit! Saying farewell to summer can be bittersweet, but that smile can boomerang back when you start thinking about all the lovely things in store for fall. Friends, family, harvests, Halloween. A crisper air above and crunchier foliage below. Change can mean a lot of great things. Not to mention it’s a great excuse to exercise some nice craft projects!

This fall, surround yourself with a sweep of warm autumnal colors. Refined burgundy browns. Glowing midday yellows. Creamy oranges. Rich tasty reds. They’ll be cozying us up on coats, scarves and hats in the coming months. And they can cozy up your embroidery projects! 

When you think of fall you probably think of trees (their leaves, after all, the namesake for the season). The Embroider Buddy collection features many great forest friends. Consider the Edward Elk Buddy, a unique piece with a smooth brown coat and scarf of fur. This Buddy would look great paired with a great number of nature-themed charms, highlighting the turning leaves and twigs of the fall outdoors. Higher up in the branches is Okie Owl Buddy. This wise feathered friend would look great with a number of fall-themed charms, not to mention appropriate for pumpkin and other Halloweeny-embroideries. 

Fall is also when we embrace more textured patterns. Sways of autumn leaves and trees like nature taking deep breaths. With the right threads and canvasses you can bring this magic home. Consider the Hedley Hedgehog Buddy, whose unique coat of fur (much softer than a real hedgehog’s) can complement rich tapestries of sewn patterns. 

All of our Embroider Buddies are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With our signature removable stuffing pods, embroidering and cleaning these plush toys are a cool breeze. 

Are you ready to embrace fall and all its beauty? Share your designs with us in the Facebook Customer Gallery!