Favorite Embroider Buddies Return With Holiday Restocks!We at Embroider Buddy pride ourselves on a wide selection of amazing embroiderable gifts, toys and accoutrements. Over the years we have expanded our catalogue to include a great assortment of animals in the signature Embroider Buddy collection especially. Everyone has a favorite animal and we enjoy covering as many as we can. And we can tell which critters in our adorable zoo charm you the most. 

You’ve asked, we’ve delivered! Some of our most beloved Embroider Buddy friends are finally returning next week, just in time for the holiday orders! It’s rabbit season on our end as we finally welcome back not only our soft and cuddly 16” Bella Bunny Buddy, but the pink and cream 15” Big Ear Bunny, which features extra-floppy ears for some inventive embroideries. 

Big Ear Pink Bunny

We’ve got a whole barnyard returning. From our fluffy Classic Luce Lamb Buddy to our preciously tufted Quincy Duck Buddy. Back from the woodlands are two beloved Embroider Buddys ready for their big comeback: the 16” Mason Moose Buddy and sensational Benjamin Bear Buddy!

Quincy Duck Buddy

All of our Embroider Buddy line are designed with embroidery in mind, making them easy and versatile canvases for your craft. With our signature removable stuffing pods, these plush toys make embroidery and cleaning a breeze, perfect for a variety of embroidery and personalization projects.

We recognize that there are some delays and supply issues that may impact the upcoming holidays. But at Embroider Buddy we are proud to say that we have plenty of stock to make your gifting season truly special. From these returning classic Embroider Buddys to newer favorites, feel free to ask about your most beloved items in our collection and we’ll be happy to answer!