Embroider Buddy® Ambassador –  Hitch N Stitch DesignWe at Embroider Buddy supply some of the greatest gifts and toys with embroidery in mind, but it’s up to all of you, the embroiderers, to bring each to life. That is why we love to showcase some of the Embroidery Artists working in the field. Today’s spotlight is on Roxanne Sapergia, the Canadian embroiderer behind Hitch N Stitch Design! Take it away Roxanne!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have a ranch background and have spent my life working in sales or in an office. I show horses and live a life surrounded by animals and although they are not my whole life, they make my life whole! I love working from home to be here for my dogs and horses. So an embroidery business fits in well with my life choices.

What is the typical day in life as an Embroidery Artist?

I begin by day with a quick look at emails and then proceed to orders, usually in priority of ordering. However there are times when I have to sneak some rush jobs in to accommodate deadlines.

Who is your favourite Embroider Buddy®?

Oh so many to choose from. I guess I would have to say Duncan Donkey Buddy or Mason Moose Buddy. Duncan because I love donkeys and he has super cute ears and Mason because I have done quite a few of him and he always turns out great and everyone loves his horns.  😊

In your own words, embroidery is……

Fun and creative. I enjoy the process.

If you could be an Embroider Buddy for a day, who would it be?

One that is loved by a small child!

Do you have any funny embroidery stories?

I was working away in my shop and my seven month old rottweiler pup jumped up with her front feet on one of my tables with the tape measure in her mouth. This was not set up, it just happened and I was fortunate enough to get a photo!  


Any tips you can share with fellow Embroiderers?

Never consider your competitors your enemies. There is enough work for everyone and if we all work together, we all become better!  Help each other, offer advice when asked and take advice when offered and find a business mentor. Not necessarily in the same business as you, someone who has made mistakes and learned from them. A good mentor has paid a high price for the laugh lines and wrinkles on their face! 

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