Never_too_late_for_the_holidays_coverIt’s wild to think that the year has whisked by so quickly. Once the holidays land you can imagine many of us may get whiplash. It is best to be prepared! 

This week we are restocking one of our most requested, and necessary, yuletide accoutrements: The Christmas Red Stocking! Our stockings are 19” and made with 100% polyester. A convenient and well-hidden zipper on the back makes these stockings an amazing canvas for embroidery. They are perfect for stitching in the names of friends and family or marvelous holiday charms! 


Christmas Stockings Embroider Buddy

Of course what is a stocking without stocking stuffers! The Christmas Red Stocking is a returner, but we have plenty of new great options for the 2021 holiday season! Over the last year we’ve introduced a variety of Gift Sets, combining our signature line of Embroider Buddy plush toys with bonus items, such as mini plush and wonderful socks from our friends at Messy Moose! 


If the season is the reason for your season, then you must check out our Randy Reindeer Buddy & Socks Gift Set and our Santa Buddy & Socks Gift Set. Each come with a full-sized Embroider Buddy toy and a pair of Messy Moose Socks! These socks are designed for fun loving kids, created with a soft cotton blend, slip-resistant soles and are machine washable. Plus they feature an adorable plush charm on the toes, Rudolph and Santa respectively in these sets. 

These all make for wonderful gifts and gear for the holiday season. Our product line is tailored for fans of embroider, who not only want to give but give a gift enriched with a personal touch and flair. Both our Embroider Buddy toys and Christmas Red Stocking will make embroidery easier than ever! With the stockings back in stock, make sure to order now to have an edge over the holiday frenzy!