Digital Business Cards: How To Make One and How They Can Improve Your Embroidery BrandThe last year has greatly changed conventions across business and social spaces. For generations, exchanging business cards was the most efficient way to share your contact information. That technology has changed is obvious, but in-person gatherings have also limited themselves. Even if you haven’t considered handing out business cards, or even starting a business, creating easy ways to access your desired contact information can be useful for a round-the-clock embroiderer. 

There are many sites and services that allow you to compile links and information in one digital space, such as Linktree or We are recommending HiHello for some of its unique features that should prove convenient and familiar with those who miss shuffling through business cards.

Here’s a handy guide on how to get set up with HiHello and how it could benefit your embroidery brand!

Step 1: Set up your HiHello account.

First thing’s first. Head over to the HiHello website or download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store. Enter your desired login information or, if more convenient, sign in with your account from another popular service, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.


Step 2: Enter your business card information.

After starting your account you should be prompted to enter the information you’d like displayed on your digital business card. This will include your name, role and the name of your company/brand. You will also be given the option to add an image of your choice, work email and your phone number.


Step 3: Customize your card.

Now for the fun stuff! Once your information is submitted, you’ll be able to customize your digital business card. Choose from a set of templates and your preferred color. From there you can then choose to add links to your various social accounts, along with their matching icon. These are far ranging, from your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, to more recent platforms like Signal, TikTok and Discord.

Digital Business Cards_EB

Once all your information is set up, HiHello will pair you with a unique QR code. This is what makes HiHello extra convenient. The code will forward anyone who scans it to your digital business card. This means every time you upload photos or videos of your embroidery projects to your social media pages, you can easily stamp on this QR code containing all relevant information.

Digital Business Cards_EB_2

(Try it out! Scan the QR code above)

There are a lot of ways to share our projects and businesses. Possibly too many. It’s easy to lose track or struggle sharing all of various contact info. It can be a time sink. Time better spent embroidering! With a digital business card, you can create a convenient one-stop-shop for all the contact information you’re looking to share!