national-avocado-day-blog-coverWhether it’s a chip off the old guac’ or a smeared layer across a tasty sandwich, there’s no fruit quite as uncanny as the avocado. Green, buttery and plumped with a hard pit, the tasty curiosity has made thousands of dishes all the more savory. In 2015 a food delivery service out of California sought to commemorate avocados with their own holiday, which is why July 31st marks National Avocado Day. Despite them being out of season for a few months.

With the help of Embroider Buddy and our sibling brand Messy Moose Socks, you can make all kinds of gifts and embroidery projects just as tasty as a four layered bowl of salsa. Pleasant and pear-shaped, the smiling charm on our Messy Moose Avocado Socks is such a treat! Made from a soft cotton blend, tooled with slip-resistant treads and machine washable, not to mention featuring their signature plush charm, these socks are a treat in and of themselves! Your kids will love these cool and tasty designs!

While avocados likely originate from South America, the crop has permeated around the globe. From the Amazon to the biomes of Africa, it’s not uncommon to see some zany monkeys having a go at the fruit that’s become so trendy for humans. Try it yourself with our Monty Monkey Buddy! Just as plump as an avocado and thrice as happy, Monty makes a great canvas for all matters of hugging and, of course, embroidering! 


Embroider Buddy’s gifts and apparel are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. Each Embroider Buddy toy features our signature removable stuffing pod, making embroidery projects easier than nibbling around the avocado pit! 

No matter how you slice, spread and nosh at your National Avocado Day, we hope you have a delicious day and a feast of happiness!