National_Day_of_the_cowboyHowdy partner. Couldn’t help but notice that your spurs were looking a little sore. Maybe it’s time to sit back and saddle up with some embroidery projects. Or at least fix yourself up with some cozy socks! Since 2005, the last Saturday in July marks the National Day of the Cowboy, an occasion to recall the wildest, most romantic frontier in America’s history. We’ve got plenty of proper cowboy accoutrements here at Embroider Buddy for you to lasso into your heart!

Hi-ho Howie, away! Howie Horse Buddy may not be big enough to pull a chuckwagon, but they’re plenty soft, plush and cuddly enough for your National Day of the Cowboy embroidery projects! At 16” and cute as a rose, Howie would make a great canvas for any western charms. With a convenient removable stuffing pod, embroidering Howie is easier than getting off a horse. If you’re looking to fill up your stables, we offer a Howie Horse Buddy Gift Set that comes with a mini-plush pony!

Howie Horse Buddy

If the dogs are barking on your littlest cowpokes then you gotta check out some of our offerings courtesy of Messy Moose Socks! We’ve got a whole rodeo of styles and designs. Not one, not two, but THREE alternating Messy Moose Horse Socks, available in baby blue, pink and brown, these socks come adorned with horseshoes and a plush horse charm on the toe. For the wildest in your family, check out the Messy Moose Cowboy Socks, featuring a sheriff star, cacti, cowboy boots and the rootinest tootinest cow….bear plush charm! Each Messy Moose Sock is machine washable, made with a soft cotton blend and feature slip-resistant treads.

Whether your little ones are rolling around like tumbleweeds or wrangling up the posse for a campfire cookout, every cowboy agrees that gifts can make every occasion just that much more special. With delightful designs and personalization potential, riding with Embroider Buddy will make for a National Day of the Cowboy you’ll never soon forget.