Euro_Cup_With_Embroider_BuddyA whirlwind Euro Cup ends this weekend in a showdown between England and Italy. Every team gave it their all, and through sweat and tears the final match is shaping up to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year. At home, no matter where that home may be, no true fan should be caught without the proper creature comforts to celebrate. At Embroider Buddy we have a huge selection of gifts and toys for any occasion, soccer included! You can score big with some of our great products!

For those looking to live up the occasion of England making it to the final bracket, make sure to check out our Buster Bulldog Buddy. This 16” inch pup perfectly captures the moody mug that makes British bulldogs so wonderfully loveable. When Buster’s around, a smile is always close behind.


From our Sports Ball Collection comes the all-too appropriate Soccer Ball Buddy. You can kick it with this large, soft plush soccer ball, the perfect gift to clutch tight during a penalty shot or just make your couch that much comfier. 

All of our Embroider Buddy items are designed with embroidery and customization in mind. Easy to use zippers and removable stuffing pods make embroidery a cinch. Use your creative side to bring each gift to life. Embroider the Soccer Ball Buddy with the flag or colors for the team you’re rooting for. If they win, it’d make your Soccer Ball Buddy just that much more special a memento. Was the 2020 cup just not the year for your team? Embroider your favourite team flag or club badges to create a good luck charm for the next time they’re on the pitch.

We at Embroider Buddy hope you enjoy this exciting finale to this thrilling tournament over the weekend.