Blog_post_coverA warm summer sun, fragrant blooming flowers and soft warm grass. There are plenty of reasons to invest in more outdoor time this year. But just in case you need to kickstart your fresh air adventures you can use Embroider Buddy and International Picnic Day as your excuse!

International Picnic Day is an opportunity to embrace the time-honoured tradition of packing some snacks, a blanket, meeting up with friends, family or just hauling along a good book. Whether it’s in the local park, on the warm sands of the beach or deep along an invigorating nature trail, picnics are a wonderful way to spend more time surrounded by nature. 

The term itself dates back to the late 1600s, its first recorded use in a French-language guide describing not the practice of sitting on a blanket but bringing one's own wine to a restaurant. If that wasn’t French enough for you, the practice we recognize today as picnics also picked up in the country 100 years later after the French Revolution, citizens finding some novelty in eating meals in the recently liberated royal green spaces. The only thing you’ll be losing your head about this year is the great offers at Embroider Buddy!


Embroider Buddy has plenty of ready-made friends for your next picnic! If you’re short a blanket or just need to gain a few more feet of space, consider taking along one of our Buddy Blankey Sets! These pairs combine a long, 30” x 40” blanket with a smaller hand towel topped with an amazing plush toy. They come in a variety of colours and animals, like our Husky Blankey Buddy Set, Monkey Blankey Buddy Set and Elephant Blankey Buddy Set!

Husky Backpack

When it comes to packing up your supplies, consider making use of one of our stylish Backpacks, available through our partnership with Messy Moose! These sturdy, outdoorsy backpacks are 12.5” and made of polyester fibres and also feature the charming mugs of animal pals, like the Black Bear Backpack, Beaver Backpack and Husky Backpack. And if you find yourself with a rainy day, all of our products are perfect for embroidery projects! Bring the outside inside with nature-themed charms and patterns to appreciate them all the more for your next park stroll!