Creativity_DAY_blog_coverMany of us have picked up a hobby here and there over the last year, but it shouldn’t take an excess of indoor time to flex our creative muscles. Since 2018, the 30th of May marks National Creativity Day, an opportunity to explore new crafts and outlets to express ourselves. A chance to feel bold and bright with our creations, to share them with our loved ones and potential fans.

This weekend, consider picking up a new medium. Get your hands around a block of clay and craft it into a worthy mantlepiece. Find a vantage of the nature around you and use some simple watercolours to keep the breathless sight with you forever. And don’t forget… embroidery! Weave thread into inspirational images or fanciful words that can turn a gift or piece of apparel into something meaningful. 

It goes without saying that we at Embroider Buddy are very, very pro-creativity. We were in fact the creators of the first embroiderable plush animal. Our entire brand is dedicated to giving embroiderers and fans the perfect gifts and canvases to express themselves! Embroidery is a timeless tradition that can take everyday objects and enchant them with a personalized touch. Embroidery can illuminate a room with inspiration or deliver a heartfelt message to family and loved ones.


At Embroider Buddy we focus on gifts and items that make embroidery easier than ever. All of our lines are designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. Especially our signature, all original, all huggable Embroider Buddy plush toys! Taking the sometimes tricky matter of embroidering a toy and simplifying it with our removable stuffing pods, making the process as easy as undoing a zipper. Our extensive line of embroidery projects can liven any occasion, from our classic Benjamin Buddy Bear to more fantastical entires like our Whimsy Unicorn Buddy


We always love seeing how you use our Embroider Buddy products to express your creative side. We’re always receiving such lovely messages and images of how you made an Embroider Buddy your own. If you’ve stitched together an Embroider Buddy project, we’d love to see them, especially if you’d like us to share them with the world on our site!

We hope you enjoy your National Creativity Day and that you use it to express yourself through embroidery and beyond!