sports_ball_coverFrom the first inning to the last down, year after year sports bring us together. Whether it’s to root for the home team or marvel at the potentials of athleticism, there’s no mystery to the passion people bring to the great games and the fandom towards watching it. Sports can be very personal, which is why we at Embroider Buddy have offered customizable, embroiderable sports-themed gifts in the form of our own Sports Ball Collection!

A good game deserves top-notch equipment. That is why we at Embroider Buddy are pumped up to announce that not only are we restocking some of the most popular Sports Balls but that we’ve improved on them too! Our Football Buddy and Baseball Buddy were already some of the nicest plush gifts on the market. , but with more detailed stitching this latest, better-looking batch is truly in a league of its own!


Like all of our Embroider Buddy lines, the Sports Ball Collection was designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With an easy-to-use zipper and removable stuffing pods, these items are ideal to customize for the personal touch. Celebrate a game day milestone or a big win with a date. Give the biggest sports fan in your life a new good luck charm by embroidering the logo for their favourite teams! We guarantee you’ll have a ball.


Though they are the most recently restocked, our Sports Ball line extends beyond end zones and outfielders. On top of our Football Buddy and Baseball Buddy, we offer every fan an option. With the NBA and NHL seasons in full swing, celebrate with one of Basketball Buddy and Hockey Puck Buddy. ‘Super’ or otherwise, every club is sure to get a kick out of our popular Soccer Ball Buddy!


Whether it’s for the love of the game or the love for someone who loves the game, there’s no better gift for a sports nut than our embroiderable Sports Ball Collection!