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After a year of working from home, many of us are excited to wear something more ambitious than sweatpants. Get ready for a year of big styles and hot trends. And that extends well beyond people!

If you want your teddy bears to have the hottest looks, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Embroider Buddy, our Whatzupwiththat!  line of bearwear is one of the most extensive, accommodating and high quality in North America. We have clothing items and accoutrement for every occasion. From casual hoodies, sweaters and tee-shirts to costume pieces like superhero capes and chef hats!

Our bearwear products can service a huge range of teddy bears, not to mention our own Embroider Buddys! They’ll fit plush toys from 6 to 14 inches, and if your toy is on the larger side you can still go to town with our hats and accessories. Our bearwear is available in a wide variety of colours and styles as well.

It also goes without saying that these bearwear items make for a fantastic canvas for embroidery projects! Have a favourite Embroider Buddy? Mix things up a bit with customized tee shirts or play with different styles! Celebrate a special occasion with our grad collection to put together the perfect gift. Ring in the holidays with our Easy As 1-2-3! Christmas Hat! Our Embroider Buddy toys are already a great piece for hobbyists and artists alike. Paired with Whatzupwiththat! there’s no end of possible creative combinations! 

Grad collection

To make sure there is no confusion, our Embroider Buddy website features symbols to indicate which of each Whatzupwiththat! bearwear fits best with our Embroider Buddy toys. Our bearwear is as bespoke as they come, tailored to fit all manner of plush toys. The collection is always expanding too, so make sure to check our site often for updates!