New Sloth and Unicorn Blankey Buddys a Fun Way to Stay CozyOne of our snuggliest, cuddliest product lines at Embroider Buddy® is about to expand by not one, but two all-new Buddys! Our popular Blankey Buddy line is made for comfort and customization.

These wonderful, 20″ Blankeys combine the best of a nice blanket and the fun of a plush toy, all the while leaving plenty of space for creative embroideries. And now there are two new faces in the Blankey Buddy line to get accustomed to. We are proud to introduce the Whimsy Unicorn Blankey Buddy and the Silvano Sloth Blankey Buddy!

61002-Unicorn Blankey

The Whimsy Unicorn Blankey Buddy is a light pink new friend. Bright-eyed, donned with a bow and a shimmering horn and trim, this fantastical and majestic piece is the perfect unicorn toy to accompany a loved one into the most splendorous dreams.61003-Sloth Blankey

Our Sloth toys have always proved a big hit and it’s no wonder! These curious and cuddly critters are some of the most huggable beasts in the animal kingdom. This is especially true of Silvano Sloth Blankey Buddy. Long and smiley, Silvano loves having arms wrapped around them for a soft, warm embrace.

Embroidery and personalization are the core of our product lines at Embroider Buddy. Exploring a variety of styles and items that make gift-giving more personal and creative. Every time the line expands, it just means our imaginations get to run a little wilder. Expect restocks on beloved Blankys like the Lambton Lamb Buddy Blankey, Rory Lion Buddy Blankey, and Puppy Buddy Blankey in early April. Whimsy Unicorn Blankey Buddy and Silvano Sloth Blankey Buddy will be arriving in May, and your creative expressions soon after!