Polar Bear Fbb

Ever since 2011, February 27th marks International Polar Bear Day. It’s not only an occasion to admire the fuzzy, lumbering most northward bears, but reflect on measures that can be enacted to protect a species grappling with one of the most rapidly collapsing ecosystems on earth. As the global climate rapidly changes from increased carbon emissions, scientists worry that polar bears may not survive the century and could see population levels drop below the point of no return as soon as 20 years time.

It’s important to appreciate polar bears while we can, and even more important to do what you can to reduce energy waste and protect the environment from harm. While these massive bears are hard to miss, their preferred ecosystem is likely far from your own. If you’re looking for a big, frosty cuddle from these big pale lugs then look no further than Embroider Buddy!


Mister Buddy Bear

Our White Mister Buddy Bear is 16” of soft, snuggable ursine. Designed with embroidery and personalization in mind, our signature removable stuffing pods make customizing these plush toys and gifts easier than ever. They’re also machine washable, because we know how much white fur lives a dangerous life stain-wise. 

26502-winter-infant_1024x1024Mister Buddy Bear makes a great pair with a pair of great socks! You can check out our sibling brand Messy Moose for some of their fantastic themed footwear, including a pair of Baby Polar Bear Socks and Polar Bear Fleece Socks for all the coolest cubs!27007-PolarBear_1024x1024

This International Polar Bear Day consider what you can do to help our big frosty friends. While you may not love the frigid winter days, the polar bears have taken a liking to it.