EB-Blog-Bounce into Easter With Embroider Buddy’s Many Bunnies

It’s easy to let the calendar get away from us, but before you know it Spring and Easter will sneak up on you. Flowers and sun will spruce up the world around us and many playful critters will explore their surroundings. We do not recommend chasing after any bunnies unfamiliar to you, so if you want the sure thing check out some of the bouncing bunnies we have here at Embroider Buddy®!

From our signature Embroider Bunny line is Buddy Bunny, a cute and cuddly white rabbit that’s ready for a friendly squeeze. Its light fur makes for a great canvas for any Easter related charms, from eggs to posies! 

We also have a big warren of rabbits throughout our extended lines and brands! Don’t sleep (or hibernate) through our Big Ear Bunnys, which come in a selection of creamy colours and have long floppy ears for unique embroideries. From our Blankey line is our Bunny Blankey Hugger, a tender, sleeping bunny plus toy bundled with a cozy 30″ x 40″ blankey. Our friends at Messy Moose Socks also offer an adorable pair of Pink Bunny Baby Socks with a slick Easter egg pattern and precious bunny charm!

Bunnies are not the only animal that gets to hop around come Easter and you don’t have to hunt very long through our Embroider Buddy® collection to find them! Get the party started with our charming Lambton Lamb Buddy, Quincy Duck or the woollier Luce Lamb Buddy in our Clara Classic Collection!

Every Embroider Buddy® is designed with embroidery and personalization in mind. With a removable stuffing pod and washer-safe materials, embroidering a toy or gift has never been easier! We hope your Easter will let you feel fresh and new, until then make sure to have your Embroider Buddys lined up for wonderful new projects!