EB-Blog-Happy National Hugging Day from Embroider BuddyAt Embroider Buddy® we believe in two things: 1. That embroidery is not only a fantastic pastime but an excellent way to make personalized gifts that much more special to the people in your life. 2. Hugs are lovely. Snuggles. Squeezes. Big squishes. Words cannot convey the wonderful feelings a warm embrace can bring, whether it’s from a loved one or from a plush toy from a loved one. 

That is why we provide specially designed Embroider Buddys. A line of plush toys designed with embroidery in mind. They feature removable stuffing pods that make the embroidery process easier than ever. They are also extremely soft and cuddly. And washer safe. This week marks National Hugging, conceived in Michigan in the 1980s as an opportunity to bring us closer together. In 2021 that isn’t as convenient as it once was, but a tender plush toy makes for a great surrogate.


This National Hugging Day gives your Embroider Buddy® a big hug. Grasp that Gerry Giraffe Buddy. Smush that Mason Moose Buddy. Bring in that Beige Bunny Buddy. Cuddle that Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy. Clutch that Quincy Duck Buddy

Giraffe Buddy

No matter which Buddy you buckle, each gift brings a world of comfort and memories to the people in your life. We are frequently expanding our line and restocking favourites in the line. Always feel free to reach out to us with your questions. And if you need a hug? We can provide!