EB-Blog-Feel The Love With Our Blankey SaleWhether you’re still sitting in a colder climate or just need a nice tight snuggle, it’s always a good day to treat yourself to a soft blankey. Among our many fantastic embroiderable gifts are our adorable Blankey Sets, a two-pack of a 30″ x 40″ cuddly blanket accompanied by our Blankey Buddys, a 10” x 10” blankey with a precious plush charm. 

These Blankey Sets come in a variety of styles and colors. From tender Lamb Blankey Buddy Sets and serene sleeping Bunny Blankey Buddy Sets to outrageous Elephant Blankey Buddy Sets and fantastical Unicorn Blankey Buddy Sets. For our first sale of 2021, we’re offering a discount on our Blankey Sets! Just use the code BLANKEY15 upon checkout to receive 15% off on anything from the Blankey Set line.

This love-a-thon doesn’t stop at the edge of the blanket. Valentine’s Day is sneaking up right around the corner. It’s going to be an essential year to express your love to the important people in your life. We at Embroider Buddy® are prepared. To add more love into the air, we’ve added new items in our popular Gift Set program as well as Mini Plush Toys

19185-ValentineGoldenRetriever8_1024x1024These Mini Plush Toys are 8” treasures, a selection of three wide-eyed puppy dogs with Valentine’s hearts in their little mouths. We’ve even added a Valentine Unicorn Mini Plush for the kind of love that feels like a fantasy.  


It’s the start of a new year. We at Embroider Buddy® hope yours is filled with love and happiness. If that journey can be improved with plush toys, gifts, and embroidery then you know exactly where to find us!