EB-Blog-A New Year and Beyond at Embroider Buddy 1It’s always exciting to turn the page into a new year. New projects. New ambitions. Perhaps we’re a little more excited to close this chapter, but we still had a lot of fun and many achievements at Embroider Buddy® in our mission to bring you the very best in embroiderable gifts and plush toys.

This year was indeed difficult for all. Nothing about this situation came easy, but we were eager to overcome it. It was a great opportunity to launch our new e-commerce platform. A store page that has made ordering Embroider Buddy® products easier than ever, directly to customers new and old. In a time when even small conveniences can make a colossal difference, we were excited to launch this service.

That wasn’t enough for us, though. COVID-19 put unprecedented strain across communities, food security and our healthcare workers. This is why we launched our Bears4Smiles campaign, creating exclusive savings for our fans with the trade-off of supporting important charities such as ConquerCOVID19, Food Banks Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

With that unpleasantness out of the way, we could focus on one of the most exciting aspects of our business: new toys! We adore growing the Embroider Buddy® line to accommodate your requests and needs. Watching the family grow is just plain fun!

In 2020 we introduced all-new Embroider Buddies, such as Luce Lamb Buddy, Rene Raccoon Buddy, and Garvin Goat Buddy. We also expanded our product line with new items, such as extremely adorable Embroider Buddy® Backpacks.

We’ve fully embraced our sibling companies Messy Moose Socks and Parkdale/Creature Comforts and introduced the instantly popular Embroider Buddy® Gift Sets, which pair some of your favourite Embroider Buddys with matching items from our partners, from socks to plush toys. It’s a line we’re especially excited to expand in the new year!GiftSet-CoverWe at Embroider Buddy® hope your holidays were healthy and restful. That your tanks are full for a new year full of new hope and new opportunities. We will continue to do our part and you can expect many new adorable faces from our Embroider Buddy® family.

Thank you so much for your support. We’ll see you in 2021!