EB-Blog-HappyHolidays2For many people, the entire year leads up to this week. A time to enjoy and appreciate the magic and blessings in our lives, to express our love to our friends, family, and community. While this year has made traditional celebrations complicated, it should only take a little bit of creativity to uplift all those around you. And lucky for us, who is more creative than embroiderers? 

That’s right, it’s Christmas, a season for giving from the heart. As a company that services gift-givers and the expressionistic, it’s a season that occupies a huge part of our hearts. Our Embroider Buddy® products were created to make gifts more personal, special, meaningful, a platform for people to imbue with their own love. Whether it’s our signature Embroider Buddy® line, turning soft, cuddly plush toys into easily embroiderable gifts, or apparel like blankets and backpacks that can transform some of life’s accouterments into special, sentimental necessities.  

Benjamin Bear

This year’s holidays are more complicated than normal. For many families, gathering together, one of the hallmarks of this season, simply will not be possible. Thankfully there are still many ways to connect, share, and make merry. Whether it’s a passionate phone call or a couriered display of artistic affection, our love can conquer this difficult trial. With embroidered gifts, you can take a piece and make it truly special, personal and give it to another. If you’re using Embroider Buddy® to maneuver around this unique Christmas, we’d love to see what you’ve put together!

We at Embroider Buddy® hope you’re having a wonderful holiday and are excited to see what creative embroidery projects emerge from what Santa brings you!